Sisters and Girlfriends

Esteemed female clients – have you ever considered going on a girlfriends get-away with your women friends and relatives? Traveling with Sisters and Girlfriends can add several benefits and remove some of the common obstacles that you find with your usual travel constellation.

Obstacles removed

Imagine time to relax on your own

When traveling without children, for example, you no longer have to be ruled by their food preferences or schedules. You can stay up later – or you can take a nap if you want to! Traveling without spouse or other male companion, you can shop freely in the boutiques and stores of your own choice. The cost of one member of the family (yourself) traveling puts less stress on the family budget than taking two or everyone.

Benefits added – you can do girly stuff like spa and salon treatments together with a luxury-seeking companion. Or you can tour places you have learned about with particular friends – say a book group touring the Chicago sites prominent in Devil in the White City. Your gourmet group

Shop for yarn in Iceland or Scotland!
photo by Elizabeth Rowe

could visit a culinary hot spot with a wine emphasis added for good measure. How about a tour of Iceland for knitters? The possibilities are legion.

If you are eager to travel with people with different traveler personalities than your usual cohort, (see my previous blog about Travel Types) then a Sisters and Girlfriends trip might be just the ticket for you! But for the same reasons I mentioned in the previous blog, you need to be clear about what sort of trip you are planning together. How much activity will be included in each day? How “foreign” is the destination? How comfortable are the various travelers with “out of the ordinary” experiences? How structured will the trip be? And how much is it going to cost? These questions do not need to be answered all at once, and they do not need to be agreed upon before planning begins. But they should be sorted out in a general way before anyone’s money is committed to the plan.

A cruise is a wonderful way to begin trying out

Getting a facial on a Crystal Cruise
is a wonderful indulgence

this sort of get together. The range of options for which cruise line, which destination and season, and how long will you be away are huge. If two or three people can agree on which particular cruise to offer to a group, then many variables are pre-selected. At the same time, many other options remain available to individuals who want variety in their daily selections (level of activity, particular range of entertainment and tours, and food selections).

Some tour operators are offering trips designed for especially women (individuals who sign up or existing small groups). These itineraries often address interests typically dominated by women, but others are more standard interest tours offered for those who want to travel with independent women. Of course I could create a trip specifically to address a shared interest within your group also.

Wine tasting is a natural inclusion for a
group of “Foodies” traveling together.

The secret to creating a trip for Sisters and Girlfriends is to imagine the possibility in the first place. Nothing says you can only travel with the same group you always travel with. Reasons you cannot do it might be only in your head. Sometimes it just is not the right thing to do right now, but often it is much more possible than you might have thought. If planning a trip just for your women friends is something you would like to do, call me. Send me a message telling me what your dream trip would be with Sisters and Girlfriends. I have lots of ideas but would love to hear yours!

Boundaries divide. Travel unites.

11 October 2012

About Travel Unites

A travel agent since 1994, I want people to get together for greater understanding across boundaries.
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